Welcome to the website of RaySession and affiliated tools, Patchance, Patchichi and HoustonPatchbay.

It is free software whose mission is to facilitate the practice of music on GNU/Linux systems.


RaySession screenshot

RaySession is an audio session manager, it allows you to run and save several programs together.


screenshot patchance

Patchance is a patchbay for JACK (or PipeWire), it is a direct alternative to Catia or Patchage. It is of no interest to RaySession users.


screenshot patchichi

Patchichi is an abstract patchbay creator, it is not linked to JACK. It is a great help to develop HoustonPatchbay or to create themes. It can also be used to create abstract patchbays.


HoustonPatchbay is not software that can be used directly, it is the patchbay used by RaySession, Patchance and Patchichi. This patchbay can be used by other software.